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the jade monkey
history of the i.m.a


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History of the international monkey army

international monkey army
old skool monkey army member


The ima (international monkey army) has been slowly building troops for one of the biggest movement for world domination in history, the reclaiming of mother earth.

The idea for a monkey army started way back in the middle age's, but not till one profit of the jade was called to create the largest ever attempt in monkey organised rebellion. That monkey was Monkeyjason.

Soon the search for followers of the almighty jade began this was to be harder than at first expected.

The army's power grew in both size and power, but with conflicts bursting out form time to time the start was to be rocky.

After much time fighting the jade monkey saw fit to intervene, slowly but surly the fighting ended, and the monkey army began to grow once more.

Monkey's across the planet soon herd of the ima's rising and joined in force, but with no fighting or war the task was set, TO SPREAD THE WORD OF THE JADE.

international monkey army
home of the old i.m.a