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the jade monkey

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the i*m*a shall rule once more.

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the jade
is a
Purple People-Eating Vampire Monkey, all hail monkeyjason

...with a Battle Rating of 8.3

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This is tibble's, he has been kept in captivity for some time, never provided food or water, click here to see our secrate footage

tibble's taking scratch and sniff to far! click to see

The jade monkey, the all seeing power, the owner of peace, justice and redemption.

The jade monkey, sprit of the monkey god's sent down to us from afar, with the mission to return the earth to its rightful owners, Monkey's.

The jade monkey communicates to us all, in many ways we all have a little of the monkey sprit within us, we must reach deep inside and seek enlightenment.

The jade monkey 1st made contact 1 with man some time ago, that man was Gary cash, what he saw was a vision, the most beautiful dream possible, a utopia of peace and tranquillity, a time where monkey's ruled with no car's factories, no pollution or self destruction.

Gary cash had found his destiny, to spread the word of the Jade.

With this he went on his way in forfilling his mission, on his pilgrimage he found monkeyjason, and so the story unfolds.........

Site map.
Brighton fire walk: The brighton fire walking festival, org by myself monkeyjason

-Space monkey: The story of Able the 1st monkey in space.

-The jade shop: for all your monkey needs, t-shirts, thongs, mug's!

-Ima history: what is the I*M*A? where did it come from? find out here!

-Jade evolution: The history of the jade's origin, what the religion means.

-Jade games: and downloads: play in the games room, free downloads to!

-Jade poems: the beauty of song, mailed in by jade follower's.

-Save our monkey's: The science of jade monkey follower's.

-?: ...............

-Celebrity disciples: The bigist and the best, some of our follower's you might recognise.

-Jade link's: Top site's.

-The 10 commandment's: Jade law that must be followed, all hail the jade.

-Mail monkeyjason: Its the big guy himself, mail news, story's, nude pic's of your big sister in the shower, you know the sort.

More Fire Production's : A collection of preformer's, Fire staff, Fire breather's, unicyclist's, juggler's, Fire poi and more.

skilled preformer's for any event!

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