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the jade monkey
Monkey poems.


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by "A hole"

Unholy Monkey Army of the Night

In my secret basement dungeon
Hear their evil noise
Throwing feces at the wall
They're ready to destroy
Wickedly, they pick the vermin
From each other's fur
I laugh, because I know the world
Can't possibly endure

Unholy Monkey Army of the Night
Fly away my demon primate horde
Go into the night and do my evil will
Go into the night and destroy

My wicked demon monkey seed
Shall terrorize the land
Covered with disease they are
And shaped a lot like man
Tremble world, your time has come
My monkey mob awaits
Repent, but know ye this today
for you it is too late


A monkey tree?
You must be joking.
It's upside down?
A pun your poking.
When you look up from the ground,
As you will see.
It will fool you,
As it fooled me.
Do you believe?
It cannot be!
But there it is,
A monkey tree.
It's made for you,
It's made for me.
It's made for us,
It's a monkey tree.

A monkey called Jim.

There once was a monkey called Jim,
who felt funny and looked a bit thin,
then one day he fell over, a big dog called rover
and then kicked him in the chin.

Poor old Cheak's.

Cheak's was her name, sexy and game,
the monkey with look's, riches and glamer.
the guy looked so pissed, all boiling inside,
he took to her face with a hammer!

The awakening.

A hand for ash in a monkeys death,
the pinky-orange-squirkey try at best,
brains for desert? a delicate delight?
without a move our kind will fight,
the P.O.S. will flee and fade,
as people see staight through charades,
conspiracies that you don't see,
will all be clear with JADE MONKEY...

Monkey Poem #1

I had a little monkey
It had a shiny arse
It flirted with my aunt
So I threw bricks at the cunt until it bled to death.

Monkey Poem #2

I'd like to see a chimp
Become a scary gimp
I would be it's pimp
And kick it so it limps
Then drop it from a blimp
It might look like an imp


Monkey's monkeys everywhere,
high in the tree's, up in the air.
I wish i was a monkey, cheaky and bright
swinging from tree's fast as light!
monkeys are cool so slick and fast, i think
man was a monkey back in the past?