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space monkey


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The flight of a monkey called Able (a rhesus monkey supplied by the Army) on 28th May 1959 marked the first successful recovery of living creatures after their return to earth from outer space.

Able the monkey

The monkey rode in the nose cone of JUPITER Missile AM-18 to an altitude of 300 miles and a distance of 1,500 miles, successfully withstanding 38 times the normal pull of gravity and a weightless period of about 9 minutes.
Their survival of speeds over 10,000 miles per hour was the first step toward putting a man into space.

space monkey

He returns to earth unharmed and healthy, landing off the shores of the USA he is rescued by Sgt f offer and St c unnt, looking shocked (was expected) he was rushed back to nasa HQ.

Able the monkey returns
Safe and happy

Able died on 1 June 1959 from the effects of anesthesia given to allow the removal of electrodes implanted for the monkey's historic space flight. A subsequent autopsy revealed that the monkey had suffered no adverse effects from the flight

Able now rest's with the jade monkey