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the jade monkey
Save our Monkey's!


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.save our monkey's




For years now man has abused his surrounding's , habitat, and fellow human.

Animal testing has now started to become very much frowned upon, there are how ever the few major corporate "pig's" still testing, they must be overthrown.

One of the main tester's is the underground members of the pinkie orange skuirky's.

The main resion "publicly known" for animal testing is make up, medical trails etc etc, the really resion im meany cases is to try and discover the marval of the jade, something they will never do.

 We will over though man, we will destroy the pinkie orange "pig's"

timmy gets analy intruded

After years of testing it has been discovered that the monkey's have a strange abnormality of the hart,

They have one main hart, your every day monkey hart, but within there are to microscopic hart's. The reasons for this must not be discovered, but the scientist's are getting to close.

cross breading, i'd be fuc*ing cross!

In a shortage of ideas and a blissful ignorance they attempt to cross bead those imprisoned jade monkey follower's.

"If we can select bread a monkey with the newly discovered internal set up with a hamster or a chicken we may be able to find the source of the mutation, there for have the knowledge to transform our own body's to operate in the same cost effective way"
This is a statement taken from top scientist Marvin squirqy's report on government research .
Jade officials have suspicions that he has connections with the pinky orange squrkey


However some good came of the selective breading,
sassy the cat and cheeks here have formed a bond far closer than any other two animals known.
From this incredible connection it seams that sassys internal organs are starting to
change, remould as she finds her enlightenment.