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the jade monkey
Jade evolution.


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welcome to Jade evolution.

At the begining, there where miles of tree's full of wild life full of natural sound, there is no man to influence its population, just a watchful eye all that be, The Jade monkey.

jade evolution
how did it come to this

At this time in evolution, The Jade monkey felt the need for change, a test of all on earth, so The Jade monkey created .............. monkey's.

An animal with intelligence and potential, the monkeys learnt to adapt to their environment, educate each other, to build tool's for eating and every day task's the monkey's where the supreme race.

The Jade was pleased with the progression of the monkey's and decided to sit back and let them develop on their own.

The monkeys grew more intelligent, adapted their surroundings to suit them, they changed physically in look and nature, and eventually those monkeys became what we today call MAN.

Man then evolved in to the superior race, for a while...........

As man grew they started to destroy not only them selves but all that sounded them, creating mass tower block's, chemical dumps and factories, polluting rives and destroying the land in witch they where born.

The Jade has watched for long enough, He has decided to give what was monkey one last chance, for surly the cycle must end at the beginning.

We are all monkeys, and monkeys we shall be once more.

First there was monkey.

Then there was man.

Man destroys the world.

Monkeys destroy man.

Monkeys rule once more.