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the jade monkey
celebrity disciples.


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celebrity disciples


Here are just a few of THE JADE MONKEYS disciples that are world known, The following people have done some outstanding work for his jadedness over the years.

Becoming a official disciple is no easy task, and they are few and far between, these are some of our most respected disciple's.

And their mission?.......

To spread the word of the jade, and word spreading is what they do best!



Brother Yoda.

Brother Yoda is possibly one of the most enlightened members of the jade religion.

He is our symbol of peace within monkey/man kind, for his words of wisdom of the jade have been told across the universe, far in to the edges of infinity.

With his green skin and silly ear's yoda is truly one of our most worthy disciple's.


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The Fonz.

back in 1987 the Fonz converted over 16000.000 people to his Jades.

With his hit show "HAPPYDAY'S" the Fonz told his story of joy in his faith in the only way he could, with style, confidence and though the powerful medium of tv.

Men and teenagers and even manly teenagers across the world longed for his status, with women falling at his feet and grease in his hair, people listened in awe to every word he said, making him a useful tool for the spreading of the jade monkey.

The Fonz truly is our coolest , smoothest and most studlyist of monkey's.


D A tape used at his trial.

                                                   Mr marks

Last year alone Mr marks raised over 16, 000.000 just though jade herbal product sales, as you know these products are part of the jade religion, "see 10 commandments"

But money isn't everything, every joint made with weed that passed through his hand holds a THC level only found in jade herbs.
More and more people every day find there enlightenment though this form,

Mr marks, keeper of the peace


The name's Bond, Jame's Bond

Sean Connery trained with the JADE MONKEY'S force from the day he was born, the James Bond films where based on Sean's reality.
His work for the jade has been stylish and swarve, with a ruthless love for the Jade monkey.
For Sean connery is truly at one with the powers of his jadeness.

cap man, lady killer. dan flack will soon be a celebrity disciple!